The Regional Scrum Gathering Nigeria team in partnership with Scrum Alliance®, the world largest Agile trade association and the biggest and most reputable nonprofit organization who is dedicated to transforming the modern workplace for the digital economy. With over 1 million members worldwide, we are so excited that in 2021, Lagos will host the first ever Scrum Alliance conference in West, East and North Africa.

The Conference At A Glance

This signature conference provides a platform for over 1000+ attendees from Sub-Saharan Africa, Africans in the diaspora and international audience. It will birth the future of Africa as a continent that can innovate faster than any other space in the world.

Regional Scrum Gathering Nigeria 2021 features industry leaders, Agile and technology experts sharing their expertise on how to do more with less - including ways to reduce costs, increase revenue and productivity while still bringing quality products and services to the market.

The info-packed conference covers pertinent topics across products and service delivery which includes but not limited to the following;


15 Speakers - including world-renowned keynotes speakers.

12 Sessions - with a focus on 21st century leadership, digital agile methods for promoting cutting edge innovation, technology and economy of scale.

As a society we are nearing a turning point in digital enterprise, where more businesses are initiating their digital transformation. The complexity of today’s disruption is challenging executives to transform themselves and their organizations culture.

The emergence of digital disruptions, globalization, ever increasing cyber threats, increasing dependency on technology has given businesses the potential for exceptional capabilities and threatens traditional market leaders.

Africa has become a fertile nesting ground for the global market. With emphasis on industrial development, budding technology and capital markets- the growth of Africa in the next few years is expected to expand in the realm of its impact.

Unfortunately, the landscape in Nigeria is filled with outdated technology and traditional business models that challenged innovation, rapid delivery and creating 21st century-solutions.

The conference will provide our country the opportunity to facilitate the needed transformation and promote the proper adoption of lean agile practices that will ensure we are well equipped to sustain economic growth and advancement.

The cascading effect of the partnership with Scrum Alliance®, Business Agility Institute®, Women in Agile® is unlimited, particularly as large global corporations are rapidly focusing on Africa for the next big innovation. Having the right foundation in place through the conference and the pre and post certification classes/workshops would bridge gaps, provide appropriate skilling, launch a new culture of excellence to get us ready for the innovation that will shape the world in the coming year.

The lean Agile digital practices have shown promise and have proven to be the secrets behind the successful and modern organizations like Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Walmart, British Petroleum, AT&T, Facebook and Toyota.

This is an exciting opportunity and we need your support to give our country a global presence as a pacesetter and digital connoisseur “Helping Nigeria win big in a Digital World”.

Research shows that companies that fully embrace agility across its governance thrives.

With your support, Regional Scrum Gathering® Nigeria will be ground breaking, innovative, impactful, and will become Africa’s premier Agile event.

We look forward to working closely with you to make Nigeria’s first ever Scrum Gathering a brilliant success for you, your business, our nation and the Agile community.

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